Resources on climate change

We have produced a couple of new booklets to give a basic introduction to climate change,  what it’s about, why it’s happening, and what we can do to help reduce our impacts on the environment and climate. The actions suggest ways we can work together at household, farm and community levels to reduce our damaging impacts on the drawing2environment, and also help vulnerable people adapt to climate change impacts.

Here’s the link to the booklet explaining what climate change is and why it’s happening:  climate-change-what-is-it.

And here’s the link to the actions we can take at household, farm and community levels to reduce our impacts on the environment and climate: climate-change-actions

Renewable energy such as solar and wind power is clean and the power source is free
Here’s away that rural communities can harvest and store water… It’s explain in the second booklet (actions)
Agroforestry, where tree crops, vegetables, fruit and staples are inter-cropped together, is an important strategy for helping farmers adapt to the damaging impacts of climate change


At school, the children can harvest rainwater from their school’s roof, grow vegetables to share and take home to cook, and compost the waste from their meals at school.

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